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Monthly Archives: August 2005

West Nile Alert

bape bl j99

By Productdose Staff

The mini Portable Mosquito Repeller just may be—like the manufacturer claims—the world’s smallest and most portable mosquito repellent device. The machine is worn like a wrist watch, and its fan blows mosquito repellent out into your immediate surroundings.

Of course, this versatile device can also be attached to a backpack or left freestanding in your room, and there appears to be no mention of harmful effects on the packaging (particularly if you can’t read Japanese). Two AAA batteries run this thing, and one mosquito repellent cartridge inserted into the device boasts 120 hours of mosquito-free bliss. It’ll set you back $14.

The CaddyWave

By David Ponce

Oh caddy caddy of my dreams, wont you thenceforth walk with me on many a-trails of green pastures, and delicious ponds. Make me the envy of my pampered friends, feed me the milk of the overindulged and grant me the gift… of uniqueness.

With my $600 ($2425 for the electric version), please ensure that only I will walk the green alongside your curvaceous frame, only to feed the mouth of envy and the burning of lust with visions of aluminium and wear-resistant plastic coating. Oh, and a one spoke rim.

The sweet caddy can be had at CaddyCool. Story VIA Yankodesign.

Introducing Google Talk (GIM?)

GIM is here!By Michelle Cheung

Christmas has come early for nerds geeks around the world. Well… on the West Coast at least. Google Talk has come out several hours before Wednesday, thanks to a tip by my friend omar.

It works like Gmail and people will need to have an invite in order to use it. It comes with pleasant sound effects and a clean interface. It doesn’t seem like it has file sharing capability like AIM and MSN. It does allow your to “Call” your friends on the list. Skype will be peeing its VoIP pants now.

It doesn’t come with a lot of features (less than AIM I would say), but maybe that’s the beauty of it: keeping it simple. And if you have Gmail, you’re already registerd. So go on, give it a try. You know you want to.

Check out Google Talk.

Birdsong Identifier Alarm Clock

By Colbert Low

This is for the bird lovers. If you’re related to Grizzly Adams or just an outdoor person, you probably can’t wake up to the normal generic alarm clocks. What you need is a Purple Finch that gives you extra energy to wake up every morning, like only a bird’s delicious chirp ever could. Me, I’m just wondering when they can come out with one that has piglet sounds.

The Birdsong Identifier alarm clock uses Identifier Song Cards to play the tones it uses to awaken you from slumber. All you do is choose a song card of your choosing, like “America’s Most Beautiful Birds???, and you will rise to the sound of the Purple Finch, Northern Cardinal, or one of seven other birds. The clock requires batteries, which almost solidifies its ineptitude at being anything more than a novelty.

Story VIA The Gadget Blog.

Pro Tennis Shoes with Michelin Soles

team all court by babolatBy Asim Waqar

If you are browsing this website and you have never heard of Babolat, odds are your inner geek has taken total control and you are no longer the serious sports enthusiast you used wanted to be.

Babolat, tennis specialists since 1875, began the project by analyzing tennis players’ movements and their specific needs on different types of playing surfaces. With the technical expertise of Michelin, a special outsole was jointly developed that combines side-to-side boosting, shock absorption and comfort, with abrasion resistance for top performance during play.

The Team All Court ($99.00 MSRP) will debut in the United States in August. This shoe is worn by the likes of Andy Roddick and Mariano Puerta. In March 2006, the full line of six Babolat tennis shoes will be available this side of the pond.

Visit the Babolat homepage here and The Team All Court pre-order page at The Tennis Warehouse here.

Atomic Wrist Watch

atomic wrist watchBy Asim Waqar

Ok, so it is a bit of a leap to get to an atomic wrist watch from this, but not much:

Symmetricom, Inc. , a worldwide leader in precise time and frequency products and services, today announced that it

Has been awarded funding for Phase-III of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) program. The CSAC development will produce miniature, low power atomic clocks for precision timing applications in hand-held battery-powered instrumentation for use by military personnel.”

In other words, uber synchronised watches for our uber warriors. And also, don’t you think the word “uber” is overused?

Anyway, what’s new here is the fact that atomic clocks have been made so small. They’ve been around forever, but now, they fit on a wrist. The image on the face of the watch above is a prototype (miniature atomic clock heart) that has already been produced. And as we all know, the next step will be for someone to find a commercial application and make (even more) millions. You have to love how democracy, capitalism and innovation go hand in hand.

Visit the Symmetricom Atomic Clock projects page here.

The Sunblades

By David Ponce

If walking around looking like a hemmorhoidal douchebag is your idea of a good time, then the marketing guys at Sunblades have hit a bullseye. This company is now selling shades that aren’t shades. No. Instead, they provide you with a narrow band of shade, to protect you from that nasty sun glare. Look straight ahead, and your vision is unimpaired. Look a little higher (where the sun might be lurking) and you’re covered.

Living life at the bleeding edge of craptacular product design will set you back $35, right here. Story VIA Strange New Products.

Interactive Google Maps Travel Guide

eventjar_localgeoBy Asim Waqar

So we have all seen Google Earth and the many unique uses for google maps. Now add another useful travel Google hack tool to your arsenal.

EventJAR is the home of the only nationwide art exhibition listing database, along with other cultural and entertainment event information. It also offers users comprehensive travel-related content in its city guides that include local points of interest, attractions, movie theaters, zoos, art museums, aquariums, and botanical gardens.

When you go to the EventJAR website and select the city you are interested in, you are given the option to “Use our LocalGeo maps to view Attractions”. You are taken to an interactive map using Google maps and overlaying EventJAR’s database of sites.

Very cool and useful. And this one will cost you nothing!

Ricoh’s Smart DVD-R Sleeve

By David Ponce

Sick of having to put your DVD in the drive to find out how much space you got left? The folks at Ricoh feel your pain, and have announced the release of a line of DVD-R media with a nifty little scale (next to a window) on the face of the sleeve, which allows you to see at a glance just how much space is left.

Sure, you could always just eyeball it, but it’s so much nicer when you got those little lines. Sort of like using a fork (instead of, you know, chopsticks) in a chinese restaurant.

And that’s all there is here. Story VIA Techjapan.