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Monthly Archives: August 2005

LP to CD Converter

By David Ponce

Money is a useful thing. $400 for instance, will get you this very nifty device from Hammacher. It’s an LP to CD converter. Why would you need one? Because grandma finally put her foot down and told you what’s what and that’s that.

Simply insert blank CD, put in a 33 a 45 or a 78 and it’ll convert on the fly. Don’t need no stinkin CD? Use it as an overexpensive turntable instead. Comes with an AM–FM analog tuner, CD player and remote.

Right here. Story VIA BookofJoe

“Big Headphones” prototypes by Mixko

Big Head needed for these heaphoneBy Michelle Cheung

Want an easy way to convince your drunk friends that they have shrunk? Show them a pair of these “Big Headphones”. They may look like big ‘cheap’ headphones, but my guess is that they are oh so very expensive.

“Enlarged earphone speakers produced to look and sound great hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor.”

These babies come with roughly 32 feet of cable (?!) (it’s already hell when I tried to untangle my regular length cable, let alone 32 feet).

Mixko also created the Funkey and many other whimsical products, so check it out.

3D Ceiling Tiles by USG

3d ceiling tilesStory by Asim Waqar

So you are building that extension and want it to have that cool factor that you yourself were never able to achieve. Personally I would recommend American Clay for the walls (I did that!), but I wish I had seen the 3-D ceiling panels from USG, before I decided to just paint the ceiling!

US Gypsum (USG) make some very unique wall and ceiling materials, but their latest offering is by far the coolest. Made of sturdy LEXAN®, BILLO panels have 250 times the strength of glass and 30 times the strength of acrylic. They are easy to clean without marring, hazing or yellowing, ensuring that they will look new for years to come.

The panels feature a smooth surface and are available in four translucent colors and one opaque panel. Price has not been released. Visit the product page here, where you can even order samples.

The Rasta Poof

By David Ponce

Bumbaclot! Dem tek mi rolex and mi new links!! An ba dem Rasta Poof widdit!

Ah, who am I kidding? I couldn’t make myself sound like a Rastafarian if my life depended on it. Won’t stop me from wanting to buy the Rasta Poof, a rather unique and very hairy mass of merino wool. Except of course, I won’t buy it, because $730 buys me a hell of a lot of other considerably more useful things.

Usefulness perhaps is not something that enters your equation, so get yours here. Story VIA Funfurde.

The RoboMaxx, Cheap Carpet Robot

By David Ponce

The robot carpet cleaners are very popular. Here’s yet another, with the added bonus of being inexpensive, at around $60, though apparently it’s only being sold in Germany, through Amazon.

I expect it does just about what all the other carpet robots do, which is to make you sweet breakfast and give you a robo-massage while whistling Moonriver off key. Story VIA I4U.

The X-Undergarments, Keeps Your Body Temperature Uniform

By David Ponce

Your body is not all created equal. Your stinking armpits get a lot hotter than, say, your kneecap, which in turn is likely to idle at a different temperature than your groin or your chest. Enter the revolutionary X-Undergear, contextually thermosensitive undergarments.

Of course, by contextually, I don’t mean contextually at all. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say, at least not in an elegant way. So. The garment, through use of new and patented 37°CCR-Technology, gets hot when you’re cold and cold when you’re hot. From my very limited understanding of it, it’s some sort of body suit that will redistribute excess heat from one part of the body (that has too much of it) to another (that needs it).

Very poopoo indeed. Read more here. Story VIA Yanko Design.

Marcel Wanders Artistic Technology

By David Ponce

Marcel Wanders makes a somewhat interesting array of products. Speakers, DVD systems and such. They’re spechul because they’re very artsy. Carved wood egg shaped speakers, and, well that’s pretty much it: shiny, polished carved wood everywhere. The website is also very artsy, with a variety of animals being used as unexplained ornaments. You should give it a look right here and let me know if you make any sense of it.

My personal favorite is the Microwave oven with an integrated TFT screen in the door. Oh, and an integrated DVD player to boot!

The website, again, here. Story VIA Reluct.

The iMPAMP, The World’s Smallest Tube Amp

By David Ponce

I’ll be the first to admit, I know next to nothing about good quality sound. I’m as much of an audiophile as I’m a cigar connoisseur. Yet, I’ve heard a mumble or two, here and there about how analog sound can be better than digital, how you lose something or other through audio compression codecs, etc. And somehow, somewhere in all of this, I’ve concocted the impression that good ole vacuum tubes used in conjunction with music are something good.

That’s why, staring at the iMPAMP from designer Zachary Vex, I get the feeling I should smile the smile of the enlightened dimwit. The amplifier pumps out a tiny 1W, and to

squeeze everything into such a tiny space, the iMP uses a pair of sub-miniature Philips JAN 6021W vacuum tubes manufactured in the mid 1980s. Vex comments “These tubes represent the height of civilization’s investment in tube technology. There was nothing better ever made.”

Uh huh, seems nice… It’s $525. If you’re musically inclined, you can get some more details here. Story VIA Retro Thing.

360 Degree Real Time Video Camera

360 degree camera imageStory by Asim Waqar

Ever wonder just what sort of evil doodle dandy happens right outside the field of view of most police cruiser-mounted cameras? Don’t you think that the viewing angle is made conspicuously narrow, leaving a whole lot of ground for, uh, unorthodox behavior to occur? Well, no doubt lawsuit-inspired reform is in the air, with the AV-360.

Joseph J. Mazzilli, who invented and patented the camera, spent eight years in the Organized Crime Control Bureau of the New York Police Department and infiltrated the Colombo crime family. The unit is a patented, highly effective real-time digital video camera attached to a vehicle’s rear view mirror, with a 360 degree viewing angle.

Targeted initially at law enforcement, the camera will be demonstrated in a police vehicle at the International Security Conference East in New York City on August 24th and 25th.

Price: well, would it really matter??

Wesbsite is under development (I imagine it will be up after the showing of the camera). Visit it here.