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Greenhouse’s Shuffle Sound Dock

By David Ponce

I don’t mean Sounddock, as in BOSE’s offering. It’s just a dock, for your neglected Shuffle, from the company GreenHouse. It too has to feel special you know.

I don’t read Japanese, and even if I did, I’m not sure this page will tell me what the cost is. If it does though, I’d appreciate it if one of our readers kindly told me. If not, then that’s all I’ve got to say about this.

Story VIA Akihabara.

Update: Thanks to reader Robert, we discover this is naught but an OEM product, set to be distributed worldwide, with various brandnames slapped on. So there you have it.

Update #2: Here’s the translation: “It comes with two speakers with total output of 12w (6w+6w) and built-in amplifer. Can be directly connect to your computer thru USB to act as a speaker and a charger for the shuffle. Available in two colors. Price around $55.” Thanks to Michelle.