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By Dave Coulter

What could be more comfortable than lounging on cold asphalt to play a marathon run of Zelda? Doing it on Ooperstar! Then again, maybe not. This might just be a conspiracy by the American Chiropractic Association (just look at these people’s necks!).

It’s a half-baked media-lounge with built-in speakers and input jacks for your mp3 player and your TV, with support for all the latest consoles. There is also a sort of universal remote to master all of your wee electronic minions, so whilst you sit in your tower you can be both uncomfortable and lazy. And therein lies the Tao—no beauty without ugliness, no comfort without pain. The site is not in English, so if you can read the pictograms, perhaps you can find the price.

Cervical neck strain is a small price to pay for being an idiot.

Story VIA importgameblog.

[This product’s been around for a while, we (I) know, so please don’t sign that petition to have us voted off the air. I happen to think it was worth mentioning anyway. -Ed]