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CardBoy Will Enliven Your Desk

By David Ponce

Looking to brighten up your desk area at work? Look no further than the Cardboy, the brainchild of top British designer Mark James. It’s a simple cardboard and vinyl foldable figurine. It comes flat, you take it out and assemble it in a matter of seconds.

It then just sits on your desk and gets your co-workers to ask you “What the heck is that?”, to which you answer “CardBoy, of course!” and then snort snobbishly, shake your head and look away in disgust. When all is said and done, it’ll have cost you about $9.

Get yours here. Story VIA Designboom.


One response to “CardBoy Will Enliven Your Desk”

  1. pbrady says:

    These look fun, although they probably wouldn’t last very long on my desk, with the amount of coffee I spill!

    All the best.

    Peter from