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NESBuckle Expands Its Line of Game Controller Belt buckles

By David Ponce

After last week’s glorious Sunblades, I’m beginning to think that people are trying hard to make some serious stabs at Royal Douchebaggery. Take these belt buckles for instance.

They’re made by NESBuckle and allegedly aimed at geeks with very fond memories of their controllers. They originally made the NES Buckle, and must have met with some serious success (they got tons of press, I don’t get it!) as they’re now expanding the line to cover the SNES, the XBOX, the Sega Genesis and even the Atari controllers.

So if you want to walk around, loudly proclaiming “I’ve no regard for fashion conventions and will walk naked, dressed in geek, uber-nerdo that I am!”, then $30 to $50 should be enough to do the trick. Right here. Story VIA Bit-tech.

Thanks, Asim

  • atley

    uh, get a backpack?

  • Jenna

    I checked out their other buckles… The Atari one um… yeah… I’m going to leave it to your imagination.

  • Edward Ponce

    just wanted to give props to another Ponce out there, oh and I love old schoold nintendo shit also. So thats like two birds with one stone.

  • Bear

    ahh yeaa i haev a controler now how do i make it into a belt????im lost on thi scuz i only have one controler soo i dont wanna F***** up