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Innovative DVD/CD Protector

playo protectorBy Asim Waqar

Now that you have discovered the Usenet and BitTorrent, what are you to do with all of those DVD’s you will want to store for future use? We all know what a nightmare unprotected DVD’s can become when you go to your porn movie library only to find your favourite DVD is ruined because you stored it incorrectly. Your new best friend should be the Playo Ejector by ABCron.

It’s a case, within which the disc is held in suspended storage and is ejected halfway out by pressing the ejector trigger. The suspended storage and ergonomic extraction method guarantee the best possible protection of your stored data. The ejector disc protector is lightweight, highly transparent, and extremely resistant and secure against damage.

Visit the product page here. Price not yet published.

Update: As per an ongoing rant in the comments, let it be known these are OLD, like nice fermented delicious cheese! [-Ed]

  • Christopher Meisenzahl

    Those are pretty slick. I got one last year w/ a promotional disk for something I don’t remember.


  • Lauren

    They’ve been selling these on for at least a year. They’re called trigger cases – they’re pretty cool, and relatively cheap.

  • Anonymous

    hello, and welcome to two years ago.

  • Thorgeir

    Pretty old… verbatim used this probably about 2 years ago.. got a couple of these…

  • wtz

    these are really old… I would guess I sold them like 3 years ago in my store. and they arn’t that friendly to the discs. When you eject them they get scratches

  • JimJames

    At LEAST 3 years old, much closer to FIVE years old, I thought this was supposed to be a “cutting edge” website! Guess I’ll stick with