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The High Tech Backyard

By Asim Waqar

The maintenance of your mansion’s couple of dozen acres of lawn is a task whose complexity is easily underestimated. Example: depending on your landscaping, amount of shade, current precipitation levels and a slew of other factors, your lawn can be divided into many zones. Each zone requires its own unique watering schedule to reach optimum efficiency, both in use of water and healthy looks.

Enter Toro. This firm has gone totally high-tech with its new Intelli-Sense Series of lawn controllers. In addition to being able to input a lot of variables, these products have optional wireless devices that measure the amount of rainfall (so you arent watering in the rain) and automatically calculate an irrigation schedule using landscape-specific parameters and local data broadcast over the radio (ET Everywhere). This helps the unit to calculate the optimum watering process for each zone in your lawn. There even is word of Toro bringing a web-based interface to this line soon!

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