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Pocket-Sized Sundial

By David Ponce

Oh, to feel like an ancient Greek tethered to the present by an adamantine cord of progress and innovation… Aw crap, I’ve been hanging around with the wrong crowd. A poetry convention was in town, and I was feeling inspired. Don’t mind me.

So yeah, it’s a good ole sundial, from Meister(Schmuck?). There’s geomagnetism involved in the device somewhere. That means it comes with a compass. So, the compass tells you where to point, and the sun tells you the time. You know what a sundial is, right? You’re not, like, 13, and never heard of the thing, right?

This goes under design, and like all things designy, it’s too slippery to have any price stuck to it. The website, which you can browse here starts off with half naked poople doing funky pirouettes. It sort of put me off, but hey, maybe you‘re into funny half-naked pirouetting dudes. Story VIA Yanko Design.


3 responses to “Pocket-Sized Sundial”

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  2. rojaro says:

    Meisterschmuck is German and means “Master Decoration” or “Master Adornment” … πŸ™‚

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