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The iPod Tux

By David Ponce

Your iPod is a very special thing. It’s a heavenly gift handed down to you from the universe’s general manager, a Roman God reborn, a tender flower in bloom and an extraterrestrial spying device, all rolled into one. It’s so very special, it deserves a pedestal whenever you listen to it.

That’s what the iPod Tux, from company The Plasticsmith, is. Not a thing more. A simple, clear acrylic pedestal for you to proudly display your pride and joy. Simply slide your love box in and plug in your headphones, your sound system, your Griffin FM transmitter, or however else you extract its musical essence. There’s space at the bottom to connect the charger and little rubber feet to prevent the thing from slipping.

I haven’t got the faintest as to why it’s called the Tux, but there you have it. $35 later, it’ll be all yours. Check out the product page here. Story VIA iLounge.