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Interactive 3D Display: Its Here!

3d Display Story by Asim Waqar

Originally mentioned at Gizmodo as a prototype in 2003, IO2 Technology has just completed the production unit and provided the details behind the revolutionary HelioDisplay which produces interactive 3D dsiplays in thin air (via lasers) from common sources.

The HelioDisplay technology page lists some of its remarkable features:

  • Inputs from most regular sources: PC,TV, DVD, HDTV, Video game consoles
  • Projects a 22″ to 42″ (depending on model) diagonal image that floats above the device
  • It is interactive, like a virtual touch screen: a hand or finger can act as a mouse
  • Although the HelioDisplay uses lasers, the images are not holographic
  • Possible uses for this product include advertising, entertainment facilities, design prototyping, teleconferencing etc. Obviously the applications for such a product are endless. Most importantly it may convince my wife to finally allow the purchase of the Brooke Burke Swimsuit calendar for testing purposes! This of course relies heavily on pricing (TBD) and other more, um, personal matters.

    Apparently the product is ready for release; visit the product page here which looks like its being updated right now.

    Visit the IO2TECHNOLOGY company homepage here.

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    26 responses to “Interactive 3D Display: Its Here!”

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    2. Herr Herrner says:

      But isn’t it just 2D? From all I can see (and from the “accepts most 2D video sources”-description, it looks 2D.

    3. awesome says:

      From thier website “Heliodisplay images appear 3D when viewed from more than a few feet away because there is no physical depth reference.”

    4. 3d YAY says:

      well if it looks 3d then that is enough, ignorance is bliss. but if you are using your finger for a mouse wont you be less then a couple of feet away. I REALLY want to see one of these things.

    5. Shaze says:

      MIRRRRRRORSSSS, sweet mother of crap we need a mirror!

    6. wobby says:

      imagine all the new porno possibilities!

    7. Josh says:

      When will DirectX support these displays? I want to render fully 3d onto thin air.

    8. mamboBanannaPatch says:

      so what ballpark are these things gonna cost

    9. Lunkwill says:

      Well, since it’s only 2D, it’s “DirectX compatable” from the begining…

      Not that it’s not a really cool thing, but it sure isn’t 3D…

      But add headtracking to it, and it could probably be pretty dam impressive substitute for true 3D-displays, allthough only for one person at a time.

    10. BlackDot says:

      I want one and I want it now.

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    12. But can you have sex with it?

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    14. markus says:

      i want to see my porn collection on this monitor. what an experience – with a 7.1 sound engine…

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    16. Miguel says:

      How much does it costo???$$$$??

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    18. Buy Helio says:

      If you’re interested in buying a Heliodisplay, and meeting the inventor, here’s an auction on ebay: The starting bid is $1. It’s a great opportunity to get a limited first edition unit

      You can see images, videos, and read more about the auction and Heliodisplay at

    19. […] A few days ago, we broke the story that the Heliodisplay was finally being produced and sold. The news took the geek world by storm. For those of you who haven’t heard, the Heliodisplay is an interactive tactile 3D display that projects a floating image in the air, a little in the same way as R2D2’s projector. […]

    20. I agree, you touched on many good points. Well said.

    21. sean says:

      they will eventualy motion capture with more than one camera angle for full 3d depth

    22. […] At this point, I started recruiting contributors, and it’s one of them, Asim Waqar, who broke what is possibly our biggest story ever: The Heliodisplay, from company IO2 Technology. It was the sci-fi nut’s dream come true; R2D2’s three dimensional display come to life. The Heliodisplay projects an image into thin air. What’s more, you can interact with the image and manipulate the objects you see, with your fingers. It was madness, and it was finally in production. So what happened? Slashdot did. Let me tell you, a Slashdotting is frightening. Within two days, we had received 140,000 visitors. There was so much interest in the product that I thought I’d ask Chad Dyner, the inventor, for an interview. Sure enough, he accepted. [Interactive 3D Display: It’s Here!] and [OhGizmo Exclusive: Interview With The Heliodisplay Inventor] […]

    23. booth ‘attractor’…

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    24. useddiggerderrick says:

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