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The Inova X5 LED Flashlight

By David Ponce

The rule of thumb at OhGizmo! is that if something has an LED somewhere, it’s geeky enough to be featured here. That’s not to say everything we talk about has LEDs… but, well… ah whatever, this is a cool LED flashlight, and that’s that.

It’s powered by five high-visibility LED lamps with an effective range of 120 feet and a visibility range of two miles. The waterproof X5 is crush-resistant to over 2000 pounds, making it virtually indestructible. You can choose the type of beam you want (red, green, blue, white, U.V.) with each color assisting in particular tasks. The white gives the best all around use , the red beam won’t hinder your eye’s natural night vision, the blue beam enhances contrast, while the green provides the highest night visibility.

It goes for all of $40 and for $57 you can even get a UV version so you can play crime scene investigator and stuff.

Get it here. Story VIA Productdose.