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EZ-Poly, Concrete-In-A-Bag

By David Ponce

Let’s just say you’re not the type to get your hands dirty. (Being a gadget lover, that’s actually, quite probably the case) You got those cracks on the side of your house’s foundations you’ve been meaning to camouflage for some time now, you’ve just never been able to bring yourself to go out and mix cement and water. The good folks at Dutchguard feel your pain and have made the EZ-Poly Concrete Crack Filler” just for you.

It’s not quite prepackaged cement, instead it’s a high tech, two part, polyurethane based material also used as an industrial strength adhesive. When you want to use it, simply remove the clip and massage the contents inside the special two-chamber bag by rolling it between both hands. When the contents are smooth throughout, cut a corner and squeeze EZ-Poly Concrete Crack Filler out of the bag.

It has a relatively long curing time, allowing you to manipulate it at will. 24 hours later, it will harden to your everyday 3,100 PSI compressive strength.

A 6 oz. bag will cost ya $10, right here. Story VIA BookOfJoe.