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The Nostalgia Dial Phone Watch

By Michelle Cheung

The Zihotch watch by Japan’s Maywadenki has no needle or digital display. But it does have an old school telephone dial on the panel of the watch. When you want to know the time, dial “117” and there will be a lady announcing the time in Japanese. “117” are the numbers you dial in Japan for the automatic speaking clock. It also does morning call!

Watch this video and see how it works! The watch costs around 56 bucks.

Check out Maywadenki (this site has an English translation).


26 responses to “The Nostalgia Dial Phone Watch”

  1. Draaischijf

    Een horloge zonder wijzers, een horloge zonder display. Het Zihotch horloge van Maywadenki heeft alleen een draaischijf. Ja, je raadt het al, dit is weer een Japans horloge. Hoe kom je er dan achter hoe laat het is? Je draait…

  2. Tony says:

    In case you dont speak Dutch, let me explain the post by Draaischijf.

    “Blah, blah, blah, yes, it’s japanese, blah, blah, how do you know when you are late?, blah blah, just twist.”

    In other words, its an advert for the watch in dutch. Yes, I agree…that’s odd.

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  16. ivo says:

    nice watch 🙂 but rhey should have integrated a cellphone with this :)))

  17. Jordan says:

    Why not make a mobilephone in this style. I don’t see what a retrophone has to do with a watch???

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  19. Artilugios says:

    Reloj teléfono Zihotch

    … el número de la hora automática en Japón, y una vocecita anunciará la hora.

    Visto en OhGizmo

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  23. larissa says:

    where do you get the watch?

  24. Matthew says:

    It looks no less ridiculous than one of those massive, tacky Rolex watches.

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