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Go Denver Boot Yourself

By David Ponce

This is being marketed as an alternative to all those steering wheel locks, and if you ask me, it has good chances selling quite a bit better than them, if only for the novelty factor. I mean, put yourself in the place of a would-be thief… would you want to try and rob a car with a boot on it?

Of course, that’s not where the goodness ends. What if you’re a cop? “Hey, this car is parked illegally, and I’m itching to write a ticket… but the dude’s already got a boot… Hmm… better leave him alone them.”

Or, you can be a pity whore and get all your friends to feel sorry for you for a good five minutes of exhilarating back-patting and empathetic shakes of the head.

Or… well, geez folks, this thing’s got endless possibilities, the last of which is to actually prevent your car from being stolen. There’s a whole bunch of worse ways to spend $140, believe me. Where? Right here. Story VIA BookOfJoe.