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Perfect Roast In Your Car

12 Volts appliances at your serviceBy Michelle Cheung

Have you seen ladies putting on make up while driving? No? Then you are missing out. Their multi-tasking ability is amazing. Just imaging plucking your eyebrows while driving at 90mi/ hr… bet you can’t (and won’t) do that. But how about blending a smoothie or making a pot roast?

Meet blender, sandwich maker and the slow cooker from RoadPro. All are 12 volt appliances and ready to go when you are. Just make sure you put on the lid before you turn on the blender, or you are just asking for trouble (and your insurance won’t cover that).

I shall pimp my ride into a kitchen… I smell a very yummy roast beef and a really bad car accident.

Article from MSNBC about gizmos for the road warriors.