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Electricity + Water = Fire

The Aqueon FireplaceBy Asim Waqar

Man has been able to create fire from: wood, fossil fuels, atomic collisions, and now water— you heard me, water.

Heat & Glo gave the world the direct vent gas fireplace (which allows you to place your gas fireplace safely in any location). Now the world’s largest manufacturer of fireplaces has unleashed the Aqueon.

This fireplace is a modern marvel as well as a visual delight. The Aqueon produces heat from hydrogen fueled flames released when a current is passed through water (electrolysis). The color of the flame (adjustable) is augmented by the oxygen released in the same process, and the excess oxygen is left to wander in your well heated living space.

Due out this summer, and not a price tag in sight, this fireplace produces 31,000 BTU’s, running on 220V and a supply of water (tap is fine, distilled is preferred).


Visit it yourself at

PS In case I forgot to mention it: wow.

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  • seventoes

    Ohhh… i wonder what this could do for cars? probly nothing…

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  • Anonymous

    $50,000, build to order only.

  • Anonymous

    The heat you get from the hydrogen burning will be the same as the heat you would get if you just converted the electricity to heat through an electric heater. Save yourself the cost of the water and use electric heat only. The “excess” oxygen will replace the oxygen from the air that is used up in the burning of oxygen. There is no excess. This has to be one of the stupidest ideas for a heater I’ve ever seen.

  • anonymous

    Actually, it will be LESS than the heat you’d get from straight electric heating. it’s entropy, nothing is 100% efficient, so adding two extra energy conversions (electricity to oxygen/hydrogen, and then combustion to turn it back into water vapor) is a waste of energy. It’s a neat conversation piece, but a small decorational version to go on your coffee table, rather than to heat a room, would be much more practical.

  • Ian

    The grandparent comment was correct. Heat is generally considered waste energy. The only place for the “wasted” energy to go is into heat, so this will provide the same heat as an electric heater.

    But it does look way cooler.

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  • ben

    Make water from fire, and I will be impressed…

  • Juandoso

    In fact, the combustion of hydrogen releases water vapor, so this toy actually makes water from fire.

  • Anonymous

    Making water from fire is easy. Just burn hydrogen.

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  • Alan Crane

    Tell us when available and the price

  • Anonymous

    anybody remember that bible story where the guy makes a pire of wood soaked in water burn stronger than some pagan priest using dry wood?

  • Flame On

    A little power? The spec’s call for 220 VAC at 60 Amps!!! 10,000 watts or so to make a fire? This so cleanly and clearly presents the paradox of hydrogen power. Yes, it burns clean. Currently, the mountain range of coal required to fire the power plant to make it burns filthy. Better we nail down the method of producing it then worry about the method of burning it.

  • ricecraka

    Jesus people, it’s a cool invention, not a marvel of efficiency. Obviously this isn’t going to win the Nobel prize in home heating equipment. I think its a neat idea. I think that the idea of a heater that burns hydrogen gas that is created right in front of you via water and an electric current is very cool, especially the part where you can control the color of the flame by adjusting the amount of oxygen being pumped into the flame.

  • dTb

    Pretty sweet. It needs to be decorative only though… i wouldnt want a giant one of those things, it looks rediculous. I was happy to see this invention because i have been planning on making my own fireball using hydro-electric seperation. Only mine will be two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, no inert gasses. Can you say big bada boom?

  • anonymous

    I’ve seen it. It puts up to 1/2 water(vapor) back into the room per hour. Not good in tightly insulated homes (ie mildew and mold build up not to mention condensation on windows) It runs costs around $50,000 and is build to order at this time. The brochure I read yesterday showed 28000 btu’s, but even at 31000 btu’s, it’s not much for an open flame. A campfire or 4-5 logs burning in a traditional fireplace put burn at about 50000-70000 btu’s. The Aqueon’s btu’s will need to be doubled at least for customers to be impressed w/the flame size. Now you will get at least 1 gallon of water vapor per hour in your home. So it’s at it’s early stage. P.S. The metal frame around the actual flame stands about 6′ tall.

  • Anonymous

    Now convert the whole idea into an efficient car engine, and you would have the worlds complete attention.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, you think it’s “clean”. It runs on electricity…where does electricity come from? Coal and gas power plants. Electricity costs twice as much as natural gas. Still sama pollution (if not more) and costs twice as much. Oh, and for cars, it’s called a fuel cell. Same problem of having to put energy in to get energy out, which all comes from fossil fuels.

  • Anonymous

    if technology like this (which isn’t new) could be used more wideley, maybe we could cut down on little Curious George invading random middle eastern countries…

  • Dave84311

    This isn’t new technology. Its quite old. Just hasn’t been put into practice because its EXPENSIVE. Hence the 50k price tag. By the way… NATURAL GAS IS CHEAPER IN SOME PLACES AND EXPENSIVER IN OTHERS, DON’T FORGET THAT.

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  • Anonymous

    Where I am in florida, gas is much more expensive than electric – I just ripped out the gas water heater and put in an electric to cut down the energy bill. It will save about half.

  • Steve

    People! We are not trying to get something from nothing, or get more energy out than we put in, but think how cool and Earth-friendly it would be to bypass ALL the gas pumps, everyday, thumb your nose at Propane and fuel-up from your garden hose. It is already being done.

    The trick here is to produce fuel at LOWER cost than the current $3.00/gallon for gasoline or diesel – which I’m told is 60%taxed anyway, and bound to go higher in the next few years. Check it out… We ARE running out of fossil fuels FASTER that previously thought or published!!!.

    Extract (on-demand) MASSIVE amounts of Hydrogen for pennies, safely, right in your own home using readily available materials: Water containers (WalMart), Stainless-Steel plates (local metalshop or tin smith), cables and connectors (local DIY shops),good quality acid-resistant hoses (Aquarium supply or WalMart), some 3-liter soda bottles (free) and water

  • brad

    This is about having a hip centerpiece in a public place. Its about putting a fireplace in the middle of a room without any flu or ventilation–makes most people say wow (or huh?!). I think the Clift hotel bar in San Francisco has something similar — they have a fireplace against a wall without any visible venting. Very cool — although if its pulling 60A, that would explain the $10 Coronoa beers.

  • Mike

    OK, this product is for you if you fulfill all of these criterea:

    – Have lots of money, don’t want to give it to the poor, and would rather spend it on some expensive product that is basically just a heater

    – Need to show off to your rich friends

    – Are strongly against conventional heaters because they dont have sleek designs

    – Are strongly against having a regular fire because of the carbon monoxide

    – Do not know that in most forms of energy production carbon monoxide is produced ANYWAY! (With the exception of solar, wind, and geothermal, but no-one uses them for some reason).

    So, everyone who can answer yes too all of these, come on in and buy one!

  • Jesus Bro

    I think they better to anounce the product as
    “water_maker”or “evaporator ” or something similar, than “heater”.As for the price-I would’n pay 50k, even if I had the money.

  • troy

    its only the beginning . new ideas out of necessity, like your broke and cold , or hot . lets get off the damn dino energy and on to more natural stuff .

  • geoff

    question: can we make water out of oxygen and hydrogen

  • gad?ety

    funny idea

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  • don

    Grow some corn. Buy it! Run a still. Burn it! Every year you will get some more. With a generator, and your supply of grampa’s fuel, you can get enough electricity to run this new marvel. Think outside the box. Charge a bunch of batteries and use a converter. Put up a wind mill for yourself and charge it for free. We as Americans are not stupid. All this is free if you have the motivation. Solar cells, water wheel, somebody with bad glands on a bike, come on! Yes this is a great idea, it’s been around for years, but use it for what it’s worth. I wouldn’t pay too much for someone elses idea, but I would definately use it. P.S. Did you ever light a fart on fire?

  • Bill Bear

    The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity.

    Think about it.

    Now think about it some more…

  • LayLady

    Electrolysis, we’ve known about it since the beginning of the 1800s.

  • Aardvark

    Have you seen this video?
    A man invented a welding torch that runs of Of water!

  • Jack

    You wish to make fire, bomb or huge explosion only with electricity and water, just contact me on ma email adress you gonna learn more…

  • Vilyamzw
  • Mike

    This is actually one of the few blogs that I want to keep up with.

  • bobothechickenfish

    man that would make water super expensive

  • bobothechickenfish

    man that would make water super expensive