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Wallpaper That Isn’t Flying Toasters

By ChapmanSingles Wallpaper

This has been around for a while now but it caught my eye. I know, you’re thinking “Wallpaper? What the (expletive deleted) is wrong with this guy?” But this is no ordinary wallpaper.

The trick here is that dapper young gentleman staring back at you is the wallpaper. The entire picture you see there is the wallpaper. The intention is to make your 450 sq. ft. Manhattan loft not seem so lonely when you come home from long days of making the kind of money that would buy you a house or two outside of New York.

I’ve always liked the idea of pictures as wallpaper. I think the obvious extension of this is for people to start making their own wallpaper with a digital camera and a lot of patience. Unfortunately, this may be the only way to get your own singles wallpaper for now because I’ve yet to discover how to purchase from their site.

Story VIA Guerrilla Innovation.