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The Sammy, A Titanium Wallet

Originally published at Gizmodo.

By David Ponce

Jeevus “Tap-Dancin” Christ… a Titanium wallet! You know what they say about luxury items: “Never mind needing… what about wanting???? Of course, by “they???, I mean me, and by “say???, I mean make up… What I’m trying to convolutedly get at, is that I can’t figure, for the life of me, why anyone would need a wallet made from “.020inch 6AL4V Sheet Titanium, .040inch 6AL4V Sheet Titanium, 6067 Aluminum Bar Stock, Military Specification Extruded Aluminum Piano Hinge and Military Specification Aluminum Rivets???. Nor can I understand why anyone would feel justified paying $340 for something that holds “three credit cards and three business cards maximum???, plus a few green bills.

Not understanding all this doesn’t stop me from wanting this creation from Gary Scott USA very badly, if only to impress/amuze/ridicule-myself-in-front-of the ladies with.

Check it out right here. Story VIA Luxist.


One response to “The Sammy, A Titanium Wallet”

  1. I cant say it looks good, I cant say its cheap and i cant say its usefull…