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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Greenhouse’s Shuffle Sound Dock

By David Ponce

I don’t mean Sounddock, as in BOSE’s offering. It’s just a dock, for your neglected Shuffle, from the company GreenHouse. It too has to feel special you know.

I don’t read Japanese, and even if I did, I’m not sure this page will tell me what the cost is. If it does though, I’d appreciate it if one of our readers kindly told me. If not, then that’s all I’ve got to say about this.

Story VIA Akihabara.

Update: Thanks to reader Robert, we discover this is naught but an OEM product, set to be distributed worldwide, with various brandnames slapped on. So there you have it.

Update #2: Here’s the translation: “It comes with two speakers with total output of 12w (6w+6w) and built-in amplifer. Can be directly connect to your computer thru USB to act as a speaker and a charger for the shuffle. Available in two colors. Price around $55.” Thanks to Michelle.

The RailDriver Desktop Cab Controller

By David Ponce

I’ve always speculated on just how train drivers keep themselves from sinking into madness. I mean, hey, what’s there to do? Start the train, stop the train, honk now and then, and let yourself be hypnotised by miles upon miles of winding tracks. It would drive my pet rock insane.

That’s until I saw the Raildriver desktop train cab controller. It’s essentially a controller meant to be used with Microsoft’s Train Simulator and Auran Trainz. And now that I see all the knobs and buttons and levers and such, I am beginning to think that maybe there’s more to driving a train that I at first thought.

Not that I give much of a damn, but it’s interesting nonetheless. If you’re seriously into trains and such, you can get this for $150, right here. Of course, if you’re prepared to spend that much on a controller, then chances are you’ve already heard about this.

Memory Ball Alarm Clock

By David Ponce

It’s just a simple alarm clock/radio with a twist in the user interface. Instead of your usual knobs or buttons, you select your (previously programmed) station by moving a magnetized ball around. Each one of the 9 dimples on its face is a station.

And that’s it really. It might do the dishes too if you ask nicely. And, it’ll belong to you for $60, right here. Story VIA Prylfeber.

OhGizmo Gets Labeled Porn Site!

By David Ponce

I thought this was hilarious. When one of our contributing editors decided to make a post from school and tried to access the site from there, he got denied. Apparently, Bess Internet Filtering thinks we’re pornographers.

If the picture is too fuzzy and you want to see this for yourselves, go here and click on “URL Checker”, then enter our address and see for yourselves.

Ha, that makes my day!

Another Use for Persistence of Vision: TireTagz

By David Ponce

I have mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, it’s brilliant and I’d want one… if only it wasn’t so freaking stupid.

Let me explain. TireTagz (the “z” makes it cool) is a device that attaches to your car wheel. It’s a bunch of high frequency LEDs that, once you’re on the highway, use a phenomenon called persistence of vision to display a static image. So far so good.

Things start getting retarded when you find out that it’s not a simple matter of downloading your favorite pic, and then uploading it to the device. No, no. Even though it comes with 4 pre-programmed designs, you have to actually purchase (at $6 each) additional pictures. To make things worse, you only get 32 designs to chose from. And… to top it all off, most of them look so stupid that putting those on your car would turn you into a rolling freak show.

So, TireTagzzzz poople, listen up. You made what could have been something really interesting, and then went and turned it into ridicule in your myopic lust for more money.

Go laugh at them here. Story VIA Wonderland.

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The Schaschlik Knife Block

By David Ponce

Chalk this up to pure genius. It’s a knife block, but one that’ll make you go “Huh, would you look at that!”.

It’s made by Martin Robitsch and received Honorable Mention in the Designboom IMM Cuisinale “Kitchen is the heart of the home” exhibition. It’s a simple larch wood box filled with bamboo skewers. You can insert any knife (or any longish implement for that matter), without having to aim for the little slit. Just stick it in anywhere and off you go.

It measures 12″H x 8.5″W x 5.75D and will set you back a cool $110. Of course, that’s if you want Martin’s own. Now that you’ve seen this, what’s to stop you from making your own homebrew version? Get a box, a bunch of skewers from the grocery store, and you’ve got the best (ghetto) knife block in town.

If you want the pricey version instead though, go here. Story VIA DesignSponge.


By Dave Coulter

What could be more comfortable than lounging on cold asphalt to play a marathon run of Zelda? Doing it on Ooperstar! Then again, maybe not. This might just be a conspiracy by the American Chiropractic Association (just look at these people’s necks!).

It’s a half-baked media-lounge with built-in speakers and input jacks for your mp3 player and your TV, with support for all the latest consoles. There is also a sort of universal remote to master all of your wee electronic minions, so whilst you sit in your tower you can be both uncomfortable and lazy. And therein lies the Tao—no beauty without ugliness, no comfort without pain. The site is not in English, so if you can read the pictograms, perhaps you can find the price.

Cervical neck strain is a small price to pay for being an idiot.

Story VIA importgameblog.

[This product’s been around for a while, we (I) know, so please don’t sign that petition to have us voted off the air. I happen to think it was worth mentioning anyway. -Ed]

“Wakamaru” Robot For Home Use

Put Your Hands In the AIR!By Michelle Cheung

This robot has been in the news since the 2003. And now, it’s in the news, all over the place, again. What’s the deal? Well, it’s finally available for sale.

Developed for home use by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the “Wakamaru” is about 3 feet tall, built with various sensors and image processing functions.

It downloads the informations (eg. weather forecast) you need from the internet, sends messages, it does schedule management (robot morning call) and has house sitting abilities. It is also able to do face recognition, for up to 10 faces. 100 limited edition units will be for sale at the price of $14,204 plus a monthly fee of $135.

Check out “Wakamaru”.

Story Via

The Disposable Thong

disposable thingStory by AnonymousBecauseMyMomMightSee

$3 for a pack of 7, is a small price to pay if you have a need for disposable women’s undergarments in your life. Especially since they have these qualities:

• Very rapid drying
• Wicking properties help to warm in cold weather and cool in hot climates
• Odor resistant
• Stain and mildew resistant [I will not be held responsible for my contributor’s, uh, predilections -Ed]
• Strong and durable
• Very lightweight and comfortable

A product of DNA Products (insert your own CSI joke here), you can visit the product page for the LATHONG here.