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Monthly Archives: July 2005

A New Team Member

Hi folks. Yes, believe it or not, people are applying for the contributor positions. The successful applicants are being taken through OhGizmo bootcamp as we speak, and Patrick Chapman is the first one through. Here’s a little blurb on him, which you can also find in the About Us section.

Patrick Chapman is a 25 yr old IT professional by day and trained killer MBA student by night.

His literacy is questionable at times due to a Georgia education but he does his best to communicate with all you folks with yer fancy book learnin.

Check back in a couple of minutes to read the very first non-me post on OhGizmo.

Hearwear, Redesigning Hearing Aids

When you think about it, when’s the last time you saw an earpiece and thought to yourself, “Hey, that looks nice. I wouldn’t mind being a little deaf myself!”?

Well, UK’s largest charity for deaf people and a design magazine are launching an exhibition called Hearwear, that aims to change all that (I don’t mean making you want to be deaf) and bring a breath of much needed fresh air to the field of hearing implements. The show opens at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London this week.

Various new models will be featured, some of which include

“The Universal Hear-ring (pictured above) by Pearson Lloyd”, which is a basic core that can house a variety of hardware – handsfree mobile headset, wireless MP3 headphones or digital hearing aids. The user can customise it by adding separate outer rings to suit mood, style or occasion.

There is also “The Decibel”, which protects the user’s ears in noisy environments while allowing certain sounds to get through – for example, a mobile phone, laptop or MP3 player.

This story seemingly first appeared on the BBC. I found it VIA Textually though.

The Kiss DP558 HDD/Ethernet DVD Player

Finally, a slick and sexy piece of useful hardware that isn’t made someplace in Asia. Please don’t hate me Asia baby, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that I’ve seen so much of you lately, maybe we need a break, a little breather, no?

In any case, I came across Danish company Kiss before, when I was shopping for a DivX capable DVD player. I ended up purchasing the great and cheap Philips DVP-642, but the Kiss equivalent stuck in my head for a while for the simple reason that it was the only one to be able to connect to a network.

Well, the company’s released another model, the DP-558, that also connects to a network, but includes a 200Gb hard drive, thus stacking on some PVR abilities. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a DVD burner, but that’s not a problem since you can probably just upload whatever you’ve recorded to your PC through the network and burn it there. It also makes up for this lack by being able to play virtually any format you throw at it: DVD, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-2, DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, Audio CD, WMA, MP3, OGG.

It should be noted that it only records to Mpeg-2, which makes for bigger files. Who cares though?

For a thorough review, visit Trusted Reviews.

The Narrow Ice Cube Tray

Yeah, so maybe they shouldn’t be called ice cubes, seeing as they’re not, actually, cubes. Instead, this tray makes little cylinders of ice, that are considerably easier to insert into plastic bottles than their cubic counterparts.

Most of the time, people end up just putting the entire water bottle in the freezer, right? Thing is, it takes some time to defrost, and usually, you end up with a… a, well, geez, you’ve done this before, no? I don’t have to explain why this is a smart idea!

It’s all of $6 at Walter Drake. Story VIA BookofJoe.

Hoff Invaders

If you live on this planet, the name David Hasselhoff probably causes the back of your throat to tingle with the acidic taste of partially regurgitated bile. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Maybe this game will help get your stomach back in shape. It’s a retake on good old classic Space Invaders, only the space mutants have been replaced by The Hoff’s head.

Very satisfying. Play it here. Story VIA Productdose.

The Stokke Xplory Stroller, More Baby Gear

I like how we went from the low end baby gizmos to this now pretty swanky $750 stroller. It has a poetic, “you can treat your baby to gadgets whether you’re a pauper or a prince”, sort of ring to it. Of course, I’m not making any sense. It’s way too late/early to be making sense right now.

There’s a bunch of features on the Xplory that I’ll actually take the time to cut and paste inside this article. Suffice it to say, the main feature is the ability to easily raise and lower baby. When baby is up there, not only will he have access to “cleaner air” and more (hardly needed) visual stimulation but you can also use the stroller as a high chair.

Hopefully, all the other features will justify the $750 price tag. If you care, come inside.

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The Babyplane

Come on, be honest. How many times have you heard “The airplane is landing…”, sung to the same mindnumbing tune, around little kids? Of course, there never was a plane, and perhaps you’ve lived in fear of the day when all the children would realize they had been duped all along, and rise up in a bloodthirsty revolutionary coup.

You can now help save the bloodshed with the Babyplane, designed by Nicolas Trub for Stilic Force. It’s a spoon with an actual (toy) plane attached. For $14 you can finally give some meaning to that jingle, and maybe even cram a little more apple puree into baby.

Get it here. Story VIA Popgadget.

The Cellpod, a Tripod for you Cell

It’s really darn hard to take a group picture with your cell. At least, it is if you want to be in it too, and don’t feel like asking a passerby to take it for you. That’s why the Cellpod from Joy Innovations is such a great idea.

Cellpod is a quick-attach, quick release tripod for your cell phone camera. Cellpod is a product that is small enough to carry with you all the time. It fits easily in a pocket, purse or backpack.

Cellpod easily connects with the popular “belt-clips??? that are in use today. That standard button that hooks the phone to your belt snaps directly into the Cellpod. Many of the leather cases that people purchase to cover their phones have these “buttons??? built in. It takes just a few seconds to attach. When you are done there is a quick release. If you don’t use a case or belt clip, an attachable button comes in the box to allow it to work with Cellpod.

For $25, this 2 ounce accessory should be rather indispensable. Get it here and thank me later. Story VIA BoingBoing.

Knit Chair, The Chair That was Knit

Yeah, so that’s it really. It’s a funky looking chair, made from “high tech, aircraft plywood” and cotton rope by Emiliano Godoy. What’s rather special about it, is that it was actually knit together, like the snazzy sweaters your grandma gives you for christmas each year. This fact, along with its woodsy good looks won a Bronze Leaf at the International Furniture Design Award in Asahikawa, Japan in 2005.

And, like many such design items, its price lives in a different, wholly-inaccessible-to-humans dimension. Check out the site anyway. Story VIA Inhabitat.