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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Monkeys Make Everything Better

By ChapmanBlowMonkey

I don’t paint my nails, lets just get that out of the way. However, I can appreciate anything designed with a monkey involved. Say hello to the Blow Monkey Nail Dryer.

Upon pressing his plate of bananas, this little monkey dries your nails for you. Supposedly, this works much more efficiently than flapping your hands around or blowing on them yourself. Again, I wouldn’t know anything about painting nails… I swear. My fiance demanded that I purchase one when she saw this. She will probably be getting one due to the equation that rules my purchasing decisions:

Time Saving Device + Monkey = Worthwhile Purchase

For £4.95 and the cost of two AAA batteries you too can be the proud owner of Blow Monkey Nail Dryer.

Story via Techie Diva.

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock MP3

If you’re an iPod owner, I’m sure you’ve come across these dedicated docking stations designed to transform your player into a full fledged sound system. Products like Bose’s Sounddock come to mind. Well, the Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock MP3 is a little more ambitious, seeing as it’s compatible with a lot more than the iPod.

Its docking system has an assortment of cushioned liners to fit different sized players, including Creative NOMAD® Zen, Zen Touch and Zen Micro lines, Apple iPod® and Apple iPod Mini players, and the Dell Pocket DJ.

And that’s it really. If you own any of those other players and have been jonesing for a dedicated docking station, for $200 this one could be yours.

If you want a full spec set, go inside.

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Ice Cream… Pooper Scooper

You know… “pooper scooper” is the term I (and a million other people) use for the little spoon I use to clean my cat’s litter. However, it seems it’s taken on a whole new meaning now.

A few weeks ago, a Taiwanese restaurant made the rounds of the blogosphere for providing toilet seating to its customers. Still incandescent from all the attention, thee have been a few spin-offs, the latest one of which comes from a small operation in one of south Taiwan’s night markets in Chiayi City, where a pretty woman runs a “squat toilet cup ice cream” dispenser on one of the main shopping streets in town.

Yeah, so, you get your ice cream in a scoop, that’s really a pooper.

Just thought you’d find it interesting. Story VIA BoingBoing.

Mini Eggshaped Washing Machine

mini eggshaped washing machineFor those of you whose abode consists of a moldy cupboard, perhaps you could be interested in this space saving washing machine, from company Anhui Silk Co. It seems they are a provider of blankets, silk garments, scarves, textiles, silk dresses, home textiles, etc. Perhaps they thought it would be a good idea to also make a tiny eggshaped, 6kg fully functional washing machine. Very cute and everything, though you wonder if you can fit more than three crusty socks in there.

The website doesn’t list a price, though there’s a feature list you might be interested in reading. Story VIA Popgadget.

Hello Kitty Chess Set

hello kitty chess set
And to think that Hello Kitty is over 30 years old! You have to call her venerable by now, you know. It’s also impressive the amount of Hello Kitty paraphernalia there is out there. Like this chess set, from Kitty’s manufacturer, Sanrio. If my eyes are not deceiving me though, that’s 37,000 Yen I see… and that, my friends, translates to about $330.

That’s a lot of green for a chess set, though the more obsessive compulsive of you might label it “a collection piece” and pretend it’s a steal. Whatever floats your boat, people. The website is here. Story VIA Gadgetmadness.

Playing ‘Lowrider’ At Your Next Assembly Just Got Cooler

electronic cowbellBy Dave Coulter

The one thing I was always missing in my high school band experience was the percussive rapport of the Butterscotch Quail. Where was a podunk high school in Southern Oregon to find the grail of cowbells, distinctively known by its prodigious tenure in being “used in more Olympic Games opening ceremonies than any other cowbell?”

Well, now we all can be titillated into exciting amazement and wonder by Rad Monkey’s VLC800 electronic cowbell—and treat ourselves to the sonorous jingles of The Oregon Trail Model 75, be charmed by the “vintage warmth” of the Alma Cogan Model V, or dare I say, tickled by the Chicken Nugget .

You’ll be sure to love the feature-set of this dynamo, so check out the product page here. Too bad this is naught but a laugh, ’cause I’d pony up!

Story VIA Music Thing

Another Team Member

Looks like today is Public Service Announcement day. Don’t worry folks, we’ll intersperce the whole thing with occasional posts about something so you don’t gripe too much.

This time, we introduce Dave Coulter, whose bio (which follows) can be found in the About Us page.

“Technocrat and ninja in the War against the Mundane, Dave lives in Portland, Oregon where (in all its laughable irony) Cosmic Inertia threw him after finishing his undergraduate education. Majoring in history and other Mostly Useless Esoterica, Dave found that his studies afforded him a +3 skill set in conversation, composition, and B.S.

Among his most passionate interests, breathing is an immense pleasure for him and he hopes to be doing it for a while longer.”

More Announcements

This is a week of joy, expansion and celebratory inhebriation.

So, the first news is that I (David Ponce) will be guest editing at Gizmodo this week. Expect the announcement anytime now. I will be writing about design. In other words, more of the same stuff that originally set this website apart from the gadget giants.

I’m patting myself on the back, so don’t feel compelled to do so.

The second news concerns the addition of yet another contributing editor. His name is MAtt Baer. Here’s his bio, which you can find in the About Us section.

“You may know him as battamer, maybe you’ve met him as ponyprincess (if the latter, keep it to yourself) but one thing is for sure, this cat knows where its at and how to get there.

A student in Charleston, South Carolina, MAtt has many hobbies. When
he’s not being pimped by Dave [That would be me, David The Evil Editor. -Ed] he can usually be found stealing company time writing up cheasy autobiographies or simply using his time at work to obsessivly refresh gadget blogs.

MAtt just wants to be friends, don’t be too hard on him. Give him a chance and I think you two will get along just fine.”

Nostalgia Scale

Nostalgia ScaleBy – Chapman

In case digital scales are too accurate for you, the good folks at Gadget Universe are offering up this Nostalgia Scale.

“Hearken back to the days of yesteryear with an old-fashioned doctor’s scale.”

The Nostalgia Scale doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done with style. It has a heavy steel base and includes a silver measuring rod. If dieting and pretending it is the 50’s is your thing then the Nostalgia Scale is for you. So now when you go to weigh yourself you can hearken back to the days before you developed your donut habit and didn’t need a scale.

The Nostalgia Scale is listed as coming soon for $99.95 at Gadget Universe.