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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Up and Down Lamp

By Andrew Sineni Upanddownlamp

This lamp by Fxballéry Design is so very practical. The height adjusts fordifferent activities. The best part about this is that it probably works well for task based lighting as well as a nice floor lamp. It would be nice to see a change in it’s form to make it a little less ambiguous, but overall it looks pretty nice.

Note the “boogieing down??? going on in the picture. I would turn that light up another notch to insure that the boogieing is done to its maximum extent. If you ask me, the two things every party needs is proper lighting and someone’s older creepy brother getting all of the fifteen-year-old girls drunk. Stop touching me there, nobody has that right! Check out the design firm here.

Story via

PetaPotty: A Lavatory for the Discriminating Pet

By Dave Coulter

Now your pets can obey the call of the wild in their very own 34 square inches of portable lawn goodness! With PetaPotty’s “sturdy and attractive??? polyvinyl sod box, your urban pet can purify its first chakra in style without the hassle of you actually having to take your pet outside.

With a removable collection tray that makes clean up a snap, both you and your pet will have no compunction about doing your doody in this simulated parkscape. And really, what sane and judicious undergrad student could resist the magic and charm of a portable lawn anyhow? I myself plan to train some gerbils to play Ultimate Frisbee on this bad boy; the sheer utility is limitless… Only $259.99 for the original, it’s never been this cheap to be the envy of your friends—and their pets.

Story VIA Productdose

Mobile Phone Buddy

By Andrew Sineni marimo

This “marimo??? stuff is sold all over Asia. I bought a few packets of it in Hong Kong last month to give to people as souvenirs. One day we decided to grow one in the office and after doing so I am led to believe that it is responsible for spreading SARS, as I am still deathly ill. There was nothing on the package about not eating it…

Anyway, pictured here is a cord and bag for attaching this crud to your mobile phone. According to Compact Impact it is a breed of fresh water algae. Yes, I said algae. This is the same gunk that I clean out of my beta’s (in case you were wondering his name is “Smooches???) fish bowl, which is exactly what I need to hang around my Razor to prove my street cred’.

Anyway, I’d like to see more living organisms that can be attached to my mobile devices. Next on my wish list would be a miniscule genetically engineered child whose sole purpose in life is to keep my Ipod clean. This thing is filthy!

Buy your bag of algae for $8 at Compact Impact here.

BBQ and Guns

By ChapmanGunBQ

At first it took me a second to realize what was novel about a giant gun shaped barbecue pit. Then I realized the rest of the world wasn’t raised in Georgia where this wouldn’t even elicit a second look.

An ambitious Texan, by the name of Joe Wood, built this beauty. It stands at 6’11” and is over 15 feet long. The pit is fully operational (I’m above making a Star Wars joke here) and weighs in at about 2 tons of wood and steel. Joe spent two years on the Gun-B-Q and about 1100 hours. This guy has “case-modder” written all over him.

Idle hands are the Devil’s tools. The Devil is really pissed at Joe.

Story via Boing Boing.

The Gourmet Traveler, a BBQ in a Case

It’s shiny, and chromy, and shiny and stuff. It grills skewered meats under coal heat, slowly turning the skewers with its eight hour battery powered motor. It’s anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It’s made by Brazillian company Scheer.

On top of that… it’s pure love. Love and adoration and all sorts of fuzzy, hungry feelings. It’s also late, and time for bed.

Story VIA The Cool Hunter.

Linksys WTR54GS Travel Router With SpeedBooster

This one is a little like Apple’s Airport, only it’s uglier. It’s small and portable, so that when you travel, you can make an instant wireless internet connection (if the web is provided to you, of course) and get online without tying yourself to a cable. The WTR54GS features a compact size, built in A/C adapter, a 10/100 port for wired computers, and of course 802.11g.

What you’re really going to like is the price: $100. Check out the product page here. Story VIA Gearlive.

Yamaha’s MyRoom

Okay, today is short and sweet day.

This is a DIY room, that you put… inside your room. Or wherever, really. It’s from Justsystem and $2500 will get you one. You can also find out all about it here.

By the way… it’s a little old, but we’ll just keep that between you and me. Oh, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the company Yamaha.

Enfranchise Yourself with a T-Shirt Printer

By Dave Coulter

tshirtprinterTired of prefabbed cleverness? Make a statement while cutting out the middle-man. Now you too can get your mitts on your very own Fast T-Jet T-shirt printer and make that ninja-goon squad you’ve been dreaming about truly official with matching logo T-shirts! Er, that is if you’ve got a spare 10,995 clams squirreled away for the occasion. But don’t let the 11 grand get you down; this is America! Have a bake sale and start fabricating your own brand of cleverness today.

Story VIA Gadgetryblog

Beautiful Cork Furniture by Daniel Michalik

By Dave Coulter

cork loungeWho really needs a reason to drink another bottle? As improbable as it might seem, all of those Tuesday nights of debauchery may have been productive after all. Daniel Michalik, the designer of this cork chaise lounge, uses waste cork from the bottle stopper industry to create his beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly furniture.

A benefit from using cork is that his pieces are virtually water and mold proof—so if you happen to pick one up, don’t think twice about using it for your next patio party… But for the sake of the industry, just stay away from the ‘wine-in-the-box.’

Story VIA bookofjoe