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i-Bulldog’s BF-10

You know it, I know it, only maybe the Purple People Eater doesn’t know it: all digital music players out there have pretty much the same features. Don’t get me wrong. Some have FM, some don’t. Some play more formats than others, etc. In the end though, they’re music players… and that’s that.

The BF-10 from i-Bulldog is not different. It stands out only because it looks quite pretty. And that, as has been said before, at OhGizmo, counts for quite a bit.

For the record though, feature wise, it’s got what looks like a four line monochrome LCD, FM tuner, voice recorder, customizable equalizer and uses a single AAA battery for juice. Sizes go up to 1Gb, and it’s got Korea only written all over it.

Story VIA DAPreview.