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Monkeys Make Everything Better

By ChapmanBlowMonkey

I don’t paint my nails, lets just get that out of the way. However, I can appreciate anything designed with a monkey involved. Say hello to the Blow Monkey Nail Dryer.

Upon pressing his plate of bananas, this little monkey dries your nails for you. Supposedly, this works much more efficiently than flapping your hands around or blowing on them yourself. Again, I wouldn’t know anything about painting nails… I swear. My fiance demanded that I purchase one when she saw this. She will probably be getting one due to the equation that rules my purchasing decisions:

Time Saving Device + Monkey = Worthwhile Purchase

For £4.95 and the cost of two AAA batteries you too can be the proud owner of Blow Monkey Nail Dryer.

Story via Techie Diva.


3 responses to “Monkeys Make Everything Better”

  1. fgarriel says:

    ok, you’ve redemmed yourself. This kicks ass.

  2. jinni says:

    I’m a chinese,I like this monkey,how can I buy it?can I sent cash to your company?please reply me:[email protected]

  3. ERIC says:

    I live in Toronto, Canada. How can I buy this nail blower?