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Mini Eggshaped Washing Machine

mini eggshaped washing machineFor those of you whose abode consists of a moldy cupboard, perhaps you could be interested in this space saving washing machine, from company Anhui Silk Co. It seems they are a provider of blankets, silk garments, scarves, textiles, silk dresses, home textiles, etc. Perhaps they thought it would be a good idea to also make a tiny eggshaped, 6kg fully functional washing machine. Very cute and everything, though you wonder if you can fit more than three crusty socks in there.

The website doesn’t list a price, though there’s a feature list you might be interested in reading. Story VIA Popgadget.

  • mrjabba

    Hmm…it seems like maybe the link is no longer any good. Any hope of finding this somewhere else?

  • mrjabba

    well, here’s a followup..
    you can find more mini washing machines here:

    Yes, but is it Eggshaped? 😉 -Ed