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Hello Kitty Chess Set

hello kitty chess set
And to think that Hello Kitty is over 30 years old! You have to call her venerable by now, you know. It’s also impressive the amount of Hello Kitty paraphernalia there is out there. Like this chess set, from Kitty’s manufacturer, Sanrio. If my eyes are not deceiving me though, that’s 37,000 Yen I see… and that, my friends, translates to about $330.

That’s a lot of green for a chess set, though the more obsessive compulsive of you might label it “a collection piece” and pretend it’s a steal. Whatever floats your boat, people. The website is here. Story VIA Gadgetmadness.


One response to “Hello Kitty Chess Set”

  1. William P says:

    is that 330 USD or CAD?

    and who doesnt like hello kitty? πŸ˜€