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The Stokke Xplory Stroller, More Baby Gear

I like how we went from the low end baby gizmos to this now pretty swanky $750 stroller. It has a poetic, “you can treat your baby to gadgets whether you’re a pauper or a prince”, sort of ring to it. Of course, I’m not making any sense. It’s way too late/early to be making sense right now.

There’s a bunch of features on the Xplory that I’ll actually take the time to cut and paste inside this article. Suffice it to say, the main feature is the ability to easily raise and lower baby. When baby is up there, not only will he have access to “cleaner air” and more (hardly needed) visual stimulation but you can also use the stroller as a high chair.

Hopefully, all the other features will justify the $750 price tag. If you care, come inside.

So yeah, these are the other features:

* Reversible fully-reclining seat has 3 positions for rear-facing babies (sleep, rest and active sitting) and 2 positions for forward-facing toddlers (relaxation or active sitting)
* Adjustable handle angle and height
* Adjustable seat height and depth
* 2-wheel position is great for stairs, crowded spaces, and changes in terrain and weather
* Compact fold
* Soft, air-bubble-filled rubber wheels and shock absorber provide a super-smooth ride
* Sturdy adjustable footrest keeps your child feeling comfortable and secure
* Adjustable 5-point harness with padded shoulder straps and upholstered crotch strap
* Wide rear wheels allow even the tallest adults to walk comfortably behind the stroller
* Spacious shopping bag for extra clothing, groceries or toys attaches securely under footrest
* Unique diagonal frame and adjustable seat height let you pull the stroller right up to the table – no highchairs required!
* Comes with padded baby insert, canopy, zip-on ventilated rain cover, shopping bag and seat pocket
* Machine-washable fabrics

You can get the thing at Babystyle. Story VIA Uncrate.