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Hoff Invaders

If you live on this planet, the name David Hasselhoff probably causes the back of your throat to tingle with the acidic taste of partially regurgitated bile. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Maybe this game will help get your stomach back in shape. It’s a retake on good old classic Space Invaders, only the space mutants have been replaced by The Hoff’s head.

Very satisfying. Play it here. Story VIA Productdose.


2 responses to “Hoff Invaders”

  1. peaknine says:

    Never down the Hoff!.. Kitt will have your ass

  2. Hoff Invaders (el horror, el horror…)

    Alguna mente retorcida ha creado esta versión del clásico “Space Invaders” susbtituyendo las naves alienígenas por cabezas de David Hasselhoff.

    Es angustioso de verdad, pruébalo…

    Visto en OhGizmo…