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Contact Form

Of course, you may contact us to let us know just how much you love us. We understand, we love us too. But generally, there are two reasons people may want to get in touch with our editors.

Submitting Tips
This is by far the most valuable thing any reader can do for us. Send in your tips, insider information, stolen memos/pics about anything technologically related. If it’s juicy and relevant enough, we’ll post about it, and if you request anonymity, you can be assured that it’ll be granted. Don’t get discouraged if we don’t immediately link to your story (or ever); we get quite a few tips on any given week, and we tend to dislike posting about things that have already been covered elsewhere.

Requests For Reviews
PR agencies and marketing managers may reach us through this form as well to request their products be considered for review. If we feel that the product in question is valuable enough to the OhGizmo community, we’ll be happy to grant your request. However, you must be aware of the following:

– If you ask your product be returned to you, it will be done. But, we will not pay for any shipping charges.

– If you decide not to ask for your product back, it will be listed in our disclosures page. The trust we build with our readers is valuable to us, and it is important for us to be completely transparent to maintain this trust.

– We will evaluate and rate a product on its own merit. Even if you let us keep your product, or if we accept financial compensation for taking the time to look at your product or service (which you may try to do here), you should know that we do not do paid endorsements, so please, never expect a favorable word in exchange for either a product or money. Some may feel this goes without saying, but there, we said it. So, if you’re going to ask us (or even offer to pay us) to look at something, make sure it’s going to hold up to our scrutiny, because you may be out of both product or money and reputation. [Disclosure: This statement was updated from a previous version.]