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Lie Detector Watch

You got some friends you can’t trust? Feel like getting to the bottom of their lies? Get this $16 Lie Detector Watch from Smarthome and scare the truth out of them.

What do I mean? Let me explain.

If you make someone place their index and middle fingers on the two sensors, and ask them a question, a series of bars will appear: more bars = bigger chance of a lie. The company claims something along the lines of “the same technology used in lie detector tests”.

Now, most people think of lie detector tests as these magical wonder machines that use space age technology to read your mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re actually called polygraphs, from the greek “poly”, which means many, and “graph”, which means… well, graph. A polygraph is nothing but an amalgam of many sensors, some of which include blood pressure monitors, heartrate monitors, galvanic skin response sensors, etc. An “expert” analyses these graphs and determines whether you’re lying or not based on a bunch of somewhat subjective factors… and that’s why it’s not accepted in court.

Well, hey, for $16, the only technology I can imagine fitting the bill would be a heartrate monitor. So, this is what you do. To make this thing work, assume your friends are ignorant. Tell them it’s a $500 watch, using space age technology. Then make them take the test. If you’ve scared them right, their heartrates should shoot through the roof, and you can be pretty sure they are lying.

Get it here. Story VIA Productdose.


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  2. […] urlijk prima. In ieder geval is deze goedkope leugendetector een leuk hebbedingetje. bron: OhGizmo

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  3. Leugendetector

    James Bond zal jaloers zijn, dit is namelijk een leugendetector-horloge. Je slachtoffer houdt twee vingers op de contactpunten op je horloge en hoe meer streepjes je in het scherm ziet, hoe groter de kans is dat diegene liegt. Klinkt leuk…

  4. how many bars should mean tat a person is lying