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High Speed Trucks

There’s something primal and satisfying about 8-ton trucks flaying down a track at breakneck speeds, whether they be jet-powered or not.

The first picture is that of the Triple Jet Engine Truck, that reaches 410 Km/h in just 6.36 seconds and has a maximum speed of 605 Km/h.

The second one is that of the Bandag Bullet truck, which has the notable mention of being the world’s fastest (non jet-powered, I guess) truck, running a standing start kilometre in 18.6 seconds with a terminal speed of over 300km/h. No, no, that’s not a jet engine you see at the back, it’s just “regular” engine fire coming out.

Here’s the website for Triple Jet and the one for the Bandag Bullet. Stories VIA TRFJ and Gizmag.


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