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Rouge O2, for Wine Connoisseurs

See, I learnt something new. Seems when you open up a bottle of expensive wine, you’re supposed to let it “breathe” for an hour or so, so that it may (to put it crudely) oxidize and release all the flavors. Of course, when you’re throwing a party, and you have some delicious cheese waiting, you just don’t have an hour. That’s why the Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather could be a life saver, turning that hour into a minute.

The way it does it… well, it basically blows bubbles through your wine for a minute. It uses two triple A batteries and costs all of £9.95, aka $17. You can get it right here.

Sure, you could achieve the same result by blowing through a straw for a minute or so… yet somehow I don’t think the guests would be thrilled.

Story VIA The Gadget Blog.