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Retro Space Age Lamp

I like retro stuff. I particularly like the ’80s, though the ’60s also hold a special place in my heart. They (the ’60s) remind me of Neil Armstrong, Apollo and all that space craze I wasn’t even yet alive to see. It looks pretty in books, and Lance Tankersley from Verv Design seems to agree. He’s made this lamp from hand spun mirror aluminum, hand blown glass orbs and brown acrylic LEDs that seems to be inspired by, uh, well, by the ’60s and such.

Other than being pretty, handmade, and $1200, there’s isn’t much more to it than that. Get it here. Story VIA Sensory Impact.

Update: Lance from Verv tells me that “there are no “brown acrylic LEDs???. Actually there is no brown in the lamp. There is however super bright WHITE LEDs in each support tube that illuminate the art glass orbs.” My apologies Lance.