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Etch Anything Onto Your iPod with Etchamac

The back of your iPod, shiny and pristine as it is, still represents a whole lot of unused real estate. Sure, you could stay minimalist and keep that lonely “iPod” and apple, well, alone. Or, you could use it as a canvas, an empty vessel to your creative genius. Be it a picture of your beloved grandma, Michael Jackson’s mugshots, or your own creatorrific doodles, this company can etch it for you.

They use a CO2 laser. It’s done at low power, cannot damage your baby, and is permanent. Like a tattoo, make sure you pick your pic wisely. Text costs $30 for both iPods and iPod minis, while an image and text costs $50 for full-size iPods and $40 for iPod minis. Company website is here. Story VIA iPodlounge.