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Kwiktop, Locking Your Precious Liquids Away

Say you live in a dorm. Your buddies are always finishing your Tequila while you’re passed out and you’ve just about had enough of not being able to get plastered properly again the next day. Get the Kwiktop. It’s a simple combination lock that will fit just about any bottle and prevent, uh, tampering. There’s two models, one for plastic and one for glass bottles.

Now, when I say get the Kwiktop, I don’t mean that literally. The company is actively seeking retail, distribution and licensing partnerships worldwide. So, it might be a bit before you can get your hands on one. Nevertheless, here’s the website. Story VIA Unwirednews, VIA Gizmag.

P.S. You might also be interested in a lock for your ice cream.


6 responses to “Kwiktop, Locking Your Precious Liquids Away”

  1. Gizmodo says:

    Kwiktop Bottle Lock

    Working from home has its perks—quality time with the dog, face time with the UPS guy, and the ability to go on a constant and violent bender. Well, now I can be saved from my own demons thanks to the…

  2. Art Gelwicks says:

    As a parent with three kids…this is a good idea if you still have Jose Cuervo visiting your house.

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  4. Faisal says:

    I want to know that when it will be available for sell and I am interested to market this.
    Thanking you

  5. […] de vin och 1,5-liters PET-flaskan med vargtass gÃ¥r att säkra upp. Mer informaiton finns här. (tack till Mats Larsson för tipset)

    Av Joacim Meli […]

  6. Dustin says:

    hay Faisal
    i guess check out the website…