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USB Car Radio

Tepid. That’s how I feel about this product. Then again, I bathe daily in a bath of concentrated ignorance, so perchance someone else might get a little more excited at this than me.

It’s your standard car radio system, only it can also read from USB memory sticks (1.1 and 2.0) and SD/MMC cards. It’ll scan them, and play any MP3s (only one format apparently) you have stored. It can read ID3 tags and has a search function. It can also handle CDs and CDRs, filled with regular or MP3 music.

Otherwise, it’s standard car radio fare. You know, detachable faceplate, FM radio, volume control and such. I’ve no idea what brand (if any) this is, who makes it (could be the underpants gnomes’ factory for all I know) or what. It’ll set you back $260 and you can get it here. Story VIA TRFJ.


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