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HanaHana!, Nose Reshaper

Hmm… Words fail me at this here product. I mean, it’s not much more than a clothespin, really. Yet it is being marketed as a face resurfacer of sorts.

Clip it to your nose for undeterminate amounts of time (any Japanese readers would come in really handy right about now), and it claims to, uh, permanently alter the appearance of the said appendage.

For better or for worse. The company, of course, seems quite enthusiastic about it.

So yeah, for $18, you too can reshape your nose. You should really, really visit their website, if only to get a taste of the wonderfully, er, quirky Japanese marketing techniques.

Story VIA Popgadget.


8 responses to “HanaHana!, Nose Reshaper”

  1. Dave says:

    If this product was only around when Michael Jackson started his journey into face re-shaping!

  2. Rodrigo Escobin says:

    Do you have a branch in the Philippines?

  3. chodon chakku says:

    hey, how does it work, are there any side effects

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  5. sammi chao says:

    Dear Sirs:
    How are you ?
    do you have any branch in the Taiwan? what is different with korea made from Jeil Trading co?
    Thank you
    Sammi chao

  6. madhu says:

    you can buy this nose reshaper at ebay, it is a cool product. I love it.