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Nambe Twist Shaker

I’ve always liked cocktail shakers with nice designs. Sadly, nicely designed shakers are a dime a dozen, so to add an iota of innovation to this creation by Fred Bould, it would be interesting to mention that it’s made from Nambe metal. This seems to be some metal alloy with, uh, “thermal-retentive” properties…

Now, I get this funny feeling I’m being taken for somewhat of a fool. See, to me, metal is metal. Some types have slightly different properties than others, you know, in terms of heat and electrical conductivity, and malleability and such, but in the end, they’re almost all the same. Is it possible that some alloy has some drastically different properties than anything else around?

Probably not, but as I’ve stated countless times, I have won several International Ignorance Competition Trophies. So maybe someone can help me out.

In any case, there’s no word on price or anything, so at least it’s nice to look at. The website is here. Story VIA Fosfor Gadgets.


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