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Sumobots, Programmable Sumo Wrestling Bots

Er, well, conceptually, it seems interesting. You have your little remote controlled sumo wrestling bots. You have your little arena. Fun times, right? They’re neat because you can actually program some moves into them via special software, via your computer. So this far, the folks at Firebox had me interested.

Then, they went and showed me a clip of the bots in action. Hmm… I don’t know. I mean, they don’t do much. They sort of twirl around and try to push each other off limits in a definately ballet-y, fruity kind of way. Their cute little arms don’t even smash anything up.

For $90, I was expecting a lot more destruction. Whatever though, I spose they might entertain two six year olds for ten minutes or so. Here’s the link. Story VIA Productdose.