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Monthly Archives: July 2005

I O Data AVeL LinkPlayer2, Networkable HD DivX DVD Player

By David Ponce

A little while back, we wrote about the KISS DP558. It was a nice little DVD player that connected to your network and played DivX. It played almost every file you could throw at it and had a 200Gb hard drive. The only problem was its lack of support for WMV and HD content.

Well, this little player fills that gap. It’ll play HD content from DivX and WMV9 as well as non HD stuff. It plugs to your network, so you can stream right to your TV, and you can also attach an optional external drive to the network to add PVR capabilities. It has a USB 2.0 connection, memory card reader (for nice on-the-go slideshows, etc.) and… well, geez, I could go on like this for a while. Needless to say, the feature list is quite long. The point here is this: networkable DVD player with HD Divx and WMV playback.

And it doesn’t break the bank with a MSRP of $250. Check out the website right here.

Thanks Rotax!

Dynamic light switch

By Wes Dores

While switches that control various lights in and around the house are not exactly breakthrough technology, these usually suffer from the problem of relatively poor labelling. When you have a 6 bedroom mansion… what does “Bedroom 4” mean to you? You’d have to actually remember stuff, and then what’s the point in having all that money anyway?

Well, with Clipsal’s new Dynamic Labelling Technology™, “Bedroom 4” becomes “That messy twirp’s room”. It has editable LCD Labels with Dynamic Graphic Displays that you determine. Features include downloadable bitmaps per group address or scene, dimmable White LEDs backlighting for the LCD, dimmable Blue LEDs on each button… yes it’s got lots of LEDs which look really funky at night!

It supports up to 8 languages as well. Bitmaps for the 64 x 128 pixel LCD screen can be defined in the C-Bus toolkit software and downloaded to the unit via a C-Bus network.

Check it out here.

The BikeBark, Protector of Bicycles

By Andrew Sineni bikeprotector

The designers over at Fuse hit on something. As an avid biker who lives in a fairly large urban area, I understand the woes of bicycle dings. I see people all of the time with rags wrapped around their bikes in order to prevent such nonsense. I certainly like the way Fuse is thinking with the BikeBark, a zip-up protective rubber sleeve specifically designed to prevent your bike’s paint from getting scratched. My only problem with their solution is that it may not be easily configurable to different locking positions. If it were only secured with something other than a zipper so it could be wrapped into smaller settings…

The other thing that is needed for maximum bicycle pleasure would be some ultra lightweight Texas grade animal horns that easily mount to the cycle’s handle bar. This is precisely what I need to teach that smug little 8-year-old brat who continues walking slow to his bus stop. He’ll certainly think twice about slowing me down next time.

Check out Fuse here.

Barcode to my Heart

By Mac Harris

The newly formed phone division of PC-hardware giant Asus is turning geek-heads with its new J105 phone, available now only in Taiwan. What sets this strikingly bland looking clamshell apart from the herd is basically some clever imaging software and a (very Asian) marketing campaign. The phone’?s 2 megapixel camera can recognize and interpret QR Codes [the modern day barcodes of the East.] that people wear; reporting back stats and personal information about that person.

These codes are omnipresent in many Asian cities and can be printed onto anything from stickers to, as seen in the press photo, temporary? tattoos. The premise is quite simple. You see someone interesting on your daily bullet train commute to SuperGlobalElectronics Concern, snap a picture of their barcode, and receive stats and information about that person immediately on your phone.

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Gator Splendor

By Andrew SineniGator lamp

The people at say it’s hideous… but lets be reasonable. I would imagine it is extremely durable with a heart of gold. Look at the gators mischievous grin. How can you resist? I just purchased two, one for my living room and one for my kitchen. Nothing says, “lets make lemon infused risotto with wild mushrooms??? like a grinning gator lamp. Nothing.

Buy several of these objects of beauty at for only 29.99!

RSVP Reading

Reading a book on your cellphone sucks. The screen’s so small, you have to continually scroll… and well, you’d have to be a tard to enjoy doing it.

Well, things might change with RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) reading. The idea is that instead of reading words from left to right, as you’re used to, you could have the words flashed to you in sequence. You can adjust the flash speed depending on how many years you went to school and even pause and rewind.

I know it sounds asinine when I explain it. I can make sex sound asinine. So instead, why don’t you try it, here. And if you like it a lot, there’s this software you can download to your cell, called BuddyBuzz, that allows you to do just that.

It’s some very, very cool stuff, people.

Story VIA Core77.

The EMP Z-II, aka “Digital Locket”

Looks like today is turning out to be portable music player day. This entry by Beatsounds makes it stand apart for the simple reason that this little player (designed to hang round the neck) also displays little images while it plays your music.

Feature wise, you’d think you’re partying like it’s 1999: it tops out at 512Mb. It connects through USB (probably 1), plays MP3 and WMA and the rechargeable lithium battery allegedly lasts up to 16hours.

For $100, guys, it makes a cute little, uh, Haloween present for your gal.

Check out the website. Story VIA Techie Diva.

i-Bulldog’s BF-10

You know it, I know it, only maybe the Purple People Eater doesn’t know it: all digital music players out there have pretty much the same features. Don’t get me wrong. Some have FM, some don’t. Some play more formats than others, etc. In the end though, they’re music players… and that’s that.

The BF-10 from i-Bulldog is not different. It stands out only because it looks quite pretty. And that, as has been said before, at OhGizmo, counts for quite a bit.

For the record though, feature wise, it’s got what looks like a four line monochrome LCD, FM tuner, voice recorder, customizable equalizer and uses a single AAA battery for juice. Sizes go up to 1Gb, and it’s got Korea only written all over it.

Story VIA DAPreview.

ezEars SX50, Cheap In-Earses

Yeah, so you might have noticed that the headphones that came with youriPod don’t sound so hot. Everyone’s been talking about those in-ear headphones that don’t keep falling out, and give you some sound isolation. Things like Shure’s $500 e5c headphones seems very nice and everything… but they’re $500 fer crying out loud!

Well, Utah company EzGear is releasing the SX50, a $33 set of in-ear headphones, with, of course, white cables. No clue how these things sound or anything, but there you have it anyway.

The product page is here. Story VIA iLounge.