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Monthly Archives: June 2005

iPod Shuffle Flip Clip from DLO

Token iPod item here. Cool one though.

If you own a Shuffle and are tired of wearing the thing around your neck, DLO has an ingenious solution for you. This $20 accessory attaches to the USB connector and allows you to clip the shuffle to anything you like. It’s called a Flip Clip, because it points the headphones and controls right side up – not upside down.

Simple. Cheap. Available here. Story VIA CoolHunting.

Amusing/Exciting Ironing Board Cover

Yeah, ok, so maybe this is a little Porn-y. So what? It’s also gadgety, you’ll see.

It’s a cover for your ironing board with a nice little picture printed on to brighten those long days spent ironing ties and things. What makes this gadgety, is that the part where the clothing is painted in heat sensitive ink.

That’s right. The heat makes’em naked. How cool is that?

You don’t even have to be overly careful with them, as they’re machine washable.

They’ll set you back $28, and are available here. And, uh, just so you know, if you follow the link, you will also see mildly disturbing pictures of horizontal men with muscles.

I just thought you’d need a little warning, that’s all. Story VIA Gearlive.

Midas Universal Remote Watch

I get the feeling this thing is old. Somehow, that never seems to have stopped me from posting anything, especially when the stuff is new to me. In this case, it’s a simple looking watch that also doubles as a universal TV remote.

You can control the volume, change channels, mute, and turn the power on or off. The range is 15ft with a 20 degree angle. It can be programmed to just about any TV set out there in about 30 seconds. The internal watch mechanism is from Seiko.

As far as watches with double personalities go, this one is darn cheap, at an unpretentious $30. It’s available from ThinkGeek. Story VIA WristDreams.

iPod Solar Charger from Coldplay (!)

coldplay solioI like my iPod and I like my Coldplay. I have Coldplay in my iPod, and that makes me smile. What doesn’t make me smile, is just how quickly the battery dries out on the $350 thing. Seems the folks at Coldplay decided to do something about that, and, in what could be the makings of a triumphant marketing ploy (or perhaps not), have slapped the logo of their latest album “X & Y”, on a Solio solar charger from company Disruptive Technology Channels.

The Solio usually sells for £50. Coldplay slapped a nice little £30 markup on it, and is selling the thing here. Story VIA Techie Diva.

Anna G. Corkscrews from Alessandro Mendini

What’s to be said about corkscrews? They, uh, remove corks from wine bottles. And if you’re going to own one (as well you should), might as well make it one with a little personality. Like the Anna G. from Alessandro Mendini, available at The Magazine.

It seems, of course, that corkscrew personality comes at a price. $63 in this case. Here’s the website.

Mystery Media Player: PMPevent’s Concept A1

No one seems to be entirely sure if this thing actually exists, or just where it comes from, other than it seems to broadcast its seductive devil energy from that far away mythical region known as Korea. The fact that the word “concept” crept its gloomy little way in this discussion is somewhat disheartening, but hey, who knows, maybe this thing’ll see the light of day.

What it is, is a gorgeous media player from company PMPevent. It has a bunch of features that should make you salivate. Ready?
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Enduro Helmet by BMW

bmwhelmetSadly, details are somewhat hard to find on this slick looking helmet by BMW. What I have comes from the Gizmag article where I found this.

So what I’m getting is that, on top of looking like it comes from the year 2040, it might also include some very useful technology: noise cancellation and bluetooth. The combination, in a helmet, is ideal. It would allow you to communicate with fellow Bluetooth enabled riders with ease, while enjoying crystal clear sound due to the noise cancellation. You could also, of course, broadcast MP3s from a Bluetooth enabled media player and presumably even answer your cellphone, while doing 70 on the highway, on a bike.

It’s great stuff people. I’d like it even more if Gizmag wasn’t so cryptic about its sources, but hey, what are ya gonna do? For what it’s worth, the article is here.

Hannspree TV Artwork

Allright, so this is at least 6 days old and has already been covered by Peter Rojas, Mr. Neversleep-Engadget-Man. Forgive me all. I still think these babies need coverage here though, pretty as they are.

Not a whole lot to explain though. They’re LCD screens shaped into all sorts of things. Apples, carriages… even sheep. They’ll be sold by company Hannspree, at prices ranging from $450 to $1400 in the stores they plan to open in Beverly Hill and San Francisco.

I personally found this story here at LiveDigitally. You can read the original news article here.

Special Tea Mug Does Away with Saucer

nullNot exactly cutting edge here, but it’s a neat little design I thought someone, somewhere might enjoy. You know how, usually, when you serve tea, you include a little saucer? Well, the saucer has a function, other than to simply hold the cup. Most people place their teabag there when they’re done infusing.

Well, with this little 6$ thing, you can now just do away with the saucer altogether. You can even have it personalized, so long’s your name’s not Frankenbubblebutt. Get it here. Story VIA Bookofjoe.