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The Octodog

Did you know it’s next to impossible to get a translation from Swedish on the internet? At least, it is when you were dropped on the head at birth. If anyone out there speaks the language and can enlighten all of us, please drop a note.

I know what I know from the picture. It looks to be a great little kitchen thing from Swedish company Barndesign that turns regular hot dog sausages into little octopuses (I know it’s octopodes, and not octopi as some of you might think, but, well octopuses sounds better). It costs 199kronos, which is about $25. You can get it here. Story VIA Designboom.

Update: Allright, we have our Swedish translation. Thanks to Mikael, from Fosfor Gadgets for it. Fellas, go to the comments section to read it.

Update #2: Ok, they can be had for $16 right here. Thanks Joe.

  • Fosfor Gadgets

    Fosfor Gadgets is your swedish friend. Hehe.


    This is the product that makes everyone laugh!

    With the Octodog, you can easily transform boring sausages into really cool Octopussies. With a simple twitch you detach the Octodog from the plastic holder, and place a sausage within it (fig. 1), and then you just mount the Octopod back on to the plastic holder to splice the sausage. Simple and genious.

    Octodog Octopussy is a brand new product in Sweden, but will be shown soon in magazines and TV. First out is the program BabyBoom on TV4+, which will make Octopizzas with the Octodog.

    Height: 19cm
    Width: 7cm.

    Colour: Only available in Yellow.

    In stock.

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  • Torstein Nicolaysen

    Hehe! Funny little thingie. Remember eating hotdogs like that about 10 years ago when traveling. 🙂 One of the diners we always stopped by served hotdogs like that. I guess they cut the hotdogs with a knive.

  • CortJstr

    Weren’t Octodogs a plot point in The Tick a few years back? Am I actually too geeky for knowing this?

  • Joe

    You can also get it for almost $15 dollars at

  • Joe

    here’s the link