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Waterex, Making Drinking Water from the Moisture in the Air

waterexThe Waterex, from company Librex Group, takes the moisture from the air in your place, removes it, runs it through a five stage filtration system and stores it as crystal clear drinking water. As it does this, it also filters the air, removing up to 90% of dust and airborne particles.

The tank has an 18liter capacity and when the machine is fully operational (it needs a couple of days to properly get running after the first installation), it produces up to a liter an hour, assuming of course, that your place is humid enough. It’s then able to dispense either hot or cold water, like a normal water cooler.

It’s very efficient, as the estimated cost-per-liter is $0.05.

I could make all sorts of jokes about some dude’s college dorm room’s horrible post-party stench molecules making their little way into the drinking water, but I wont. With an $820 price tag, presumably the owners of this machine will also have learned a thing or two about hygiene and such.

Then again, you never know. Story VIA BookOfJoe.