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Special Tea Mug Does Away with Saucer

nullNot exactly cutting edge here, but it’s a neat little design I thought someone, somewhere might enjoy. You know how, usually, when you serve tea, you include a little saucer? Well, the saucer has a function, other than to simply hold the cup. Most people place their teabag there when they’re done infusing.

Well, with this little 6$ thing, you can now just do away with the saucer altogether. You can even have it personalized, so long’s your name’s not Frankenbubblebutt. Get it here. Story VIA Bookofjoe.

  • Dan Poirier

    I had one of these once. Unfortunately, when you drink out of it after putting the tea bag in the side, the liquid from the bag dribbles on your face.

  • Joe aka bookofjoe

    But if you use your nickname — i.e., “bubblebutt” — you’re good to go!

    Joe aka bookofjoe
    ‘world’s only blogging anesthesiologist’

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