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Volcano, Smokeless Pot Vaporizer Thing

volcanoOk, so, yeah, some people really have their panties all up in a bunch about this medicinal marijuana stuff. Up here in Canada, it’s all peaches and cream, but it seems some of our southern neighbours are less than pleased with out European progressive ways. Oh well, I say. Nevertheless, Danish company Storz & Bickel is doing a good job of adding an iota of legitimacy to the whole business.

By heating cannabis to a point where vapors are formed but before the herb combusts, a vaporizer creates a clear substance that, advocates say, is practically free of many of the toxins found in marijuana smoke.

Becoming smoke-free, they hope, will make marijuana more palatable as a medicine to federal officials, scientists and regulators who are dubious about the health value of a smoked drug.

The way the device works is really neat. You fill the cone thing up with, uh, herbs. You then place this two foot long bag on top. It fills up with flavoring and active ingredients. You then place the bag on your lips, and have a nice and fuzzy chat with Jeevus.

It’s about 600$, and you can get it here. Check out the website again. Story VIA Medgadget.