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The Easyseat Takes it Easy on your Steak

Ok, this is old. Like, 2002 old. But it’s new to me, so bear with me.

Yeah, so I’d like to have a word with the inventor of the bicycle saddle. I mean, sure, the wedge-up-your-crack design allows for free leg mobility, which is great when you’re trying to, you know, pedal. It’s great if you’re trying to win a Tour de France, or go somewhere fast and don’t mind getting there with a numb scrotum (and/or other crotch related areas). You do it in the name of efficiency and victory.

But what if you just want to lazily go about the city, traipsing around, looking at things? Well, then I imagine you could shell out $25 for this seat that will gently cradle both your buttocks and leave your inter-leg areas alone. So long’s you don’t mind looking a little, uh, well, flowery.

There’s even a dandy shag cover for an extra $19.

Get it here. Story VIA Gadgets.zive.