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CityKitty, Potty Training for Your Cat That Works

Or so it would seem. See, the idea is this.

The training seat replaces your ordinary litter box and securely sits on your toilet filled with litter. Your cat naturally uses the CitiKitty training seat as its new litter box. Once your cat has adapted to the training seat you slowly begin removing the rings from the training seat reducing the amount of litter. As the rings are removed your cat will stand on the toilet seat for support and use the water below. After all rings are removed from the training seat your cat is toilet trained.

It’s brilliant!

I’d seen potty trained cats before, and like magician’s tricks, never had any clue how it was done.

Hmm… maybe that’s a bad thing. The magic is gone now.

Oh well.

Apparently this works on cats of all ages and will ring you back a mere 30$. Go here. Story VIA CoolHunting.