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Realfleet Releases Sexy Amadana PE-117 Headphones

Realfleet is a Japanese company with a special line called Amadana that makes all sorts of high-end consumer electronics with the notable feature of having some form of fancywood integrated in the design. In this case, on June 11th, it will be releasing a set of bamboo headphones, available for 120$.

They have a 10Hz – 24kHz Playback frequency zone and measure 60x12x40mm.

I imagine they’re meant to match their other stuff. And why not?

They’re kinda neat.

Though it’s all Japaneezed, you can check it out here. Story VIA Ployer.

Update: Not being Japanese myself, I don’t read the wonderful language. Which is why I glossed over the nice little comics at the bottom of the product page. According to a reader, they say the following:”If you are a ninja, do not use the Amanda PE-117 to scale a stone wall.
Do not pose as a doctor and attempt to listen to a woman’s breast with the Amanda PE-117.
Do not attempt to crack a safe with the Amanda PE-117.” Very funny.

Click on the link and check it out.

Thank you… guy.


5 responses to “Realfleet Releases Sexy Amadana PE-117 Headphones”

  1. Gizmodo says:

    Real Wood Phone Headset

    This high-end phone earbud by Amadana uses real bamboo to add that touch of decadence to your loud, yappy discussions on as you power walk down the street yelling at your husband/wife/kids. As a side note, I’ve talked with the…

  2. FuzzyOnion says:

    Is that a straw sticking out the top?

  3. Haha says:

    Haha, the caution message/ comics at the lower page are the funniest I’ve ever seen LOL

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