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This Week’s Stories

In case y’all missed anything, here’s a quick recap.

Korean Paper Thin Speakers [Go]
WaveCase, Taking your Mobile Underwater [Go]
RobotRoach, Cockroach Controlled Cyborg [Go]
HoverMower, Mowing Your Lawn on a Cushion of Air [Go]
iPod Shuffle Could Get Memory Boost [Go]

Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock, for Your Precious Ice Cream [Go]
XM25 Gun in Testing, 500% Increase in Lethality Proposed [Go]
Optibike, Electric Bike with an Attitude [Go]
Paradox, Mac Mini Look Alike [Go]
BBQ Case, Taking Summer Along With You [Go]

iPod Wallet [Go]
“The Calder Original??? Guitar Case [Go]
Links of London Bubble Blower [Go]
Executive Punching Bag [Go]
Mercedes Joins the MP3 Bandwagon with a Watch [Go]

Tabletop Trebuchet Plans [Go]
PowerSquid, Stylish 5 Outlet Power Multiplier [Go]
Trust in a Bottle [Go]
GlobalPetFinder, Keeping Track of your Dog’s Whereabouts [Go]
Max Blank Rotating Fireplace [Go]

The Slide Scroller [Go]
Sanitary Chair[Go]